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CJ CheilJedang to open Hetbahn Museum, a Hetbahn experience space


- Featuring two Hetbahn-themed sections, Hetbahn Hall and Hetbahn Smart Factory, the museum will open its doors on June 4 in the PR Hall of CJ Blossom Campus located in Jincheon, Chungbuk

- The museum provides an opportunity to witness Hetbahns cutting-edge technology and safety while enjoying a variety of experiential activities, including a tour course that reveals the smart manufacturing process of Hetbahn.




On June 4, CJ CheilJedang will open a Hetbahn experiential space called Hetbahn Museum in the PR Hall of CJ Blossom Campus located in Jincheon, Chungbuk.


Hetbahn Museum offers experience-oriented content including an assortment of information about rice and a look into the history of Korean food culture, providing new experiences that can be enjoyed by whole families. The museum was planned and designed with the aim of letting people experience first-hand the unrivaled gustatory quality and safety of Hetbahn, which has already established itself as an everyday food for South Koreans, via an interactive themed space built with cutting-edge automation technology. 


Hetbahn Museum consists of two Hetbahn-themed sections, Hetbahn Hall and Hetbahn Smart Factory. Hetbahn Hall, designed after the doebak, a wooden rectangular bowl that was traditionally used to hold rice, is a rice mill reimagined with a modern edge. At Hetbahn Hall, visitors can have an exciting experience watching and touching all things about rice and steamed rice , from the history of rice to the changes of rick cooking method to the food culture revolution brought about by Hetbahn.


Hetbahn Smart Factory, on the other hand, provides you with the opportunity to watch and experience first-hand the process of producing Hetbahn. As you walk the tour course which allows for a view of a Hetbahn factory in actual operation, you can see the entire process of producing Hetbahn from cooking rice with high-pressure steam to packaging the resulting microwave rice . Aside from that, at Hetbahn Smart Factory, you can have an indirect experience of an air shower, an antechamber you need to go through to remove dust and microorganisms from your clothing before entering a cleanroom factory, and you can also enhance your understanding of the Hetbahn production process through the visual data provided regarding low temperature storage, polishing, and selection of rice.


"Hetbahn Museum is a multisensory interactive space where people can watch and experience the entirety of the safe, tasteful production process of Hetbahn, which has established itself as an everyday food for South Koreans,” CJ CheilJedang brand strategy manager Young-joo Goh said with emphasis. The manager added, “We expect visitors also to feel proud of K-Food, which does not pale even in comparison to its global competitors, through the exciting experience of directly witnessing the cutting-edge technology used to make cherished everyday food, Hetbahn.”


In addition to Hetbahn Hall and Hetbahn Smart Factory, Hetbahn Museum also features Technology Hall, where you can experience CJ CheilJedang’s representative brands and products created with its cutting-edge technology, including Hetbahn, bibigo, and Gourmet. Hetbahn Museum is located in the PR Hall of CJ Blossom Campus in Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk, and you can sign up for a tour of the museum on CJ CheilJedang website's CJ Blossom Campus Tour section. End.

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