The culmination of dedicated R&D, Hetbahn

An astounding 1.3 billion Hetbahn products have been sold up until 2015 since its launch in 1996. Per-capita rice consumption has continuously declined, but the instant rice market is growing by 20% a year on average, and is steadily expanding. As a result, CJ CheilJedang built a system that can address everything, not just research on making cooked rice, but developing varieties of rice, raw material, cultivation management, post-harvesting management, storage and rice polishing, and continues to engage in research.

The ‘nutritional cooked rice with a sizable embryo bud’ with an increased size of rice embryo bud, contains three times the essential nutrients of rice.

In 2011, 4 years after we started to develop rice varieties along with Seoul National University College of Agriculture, we developed the ‘nutritional cooked rice with a sizable embryo bud.’ This variety helped us to increase the size of the embryo bud of rice where 66% of the nutrition of rice is concentrated by as much as three times. To prevent the embryo bud of rice from being lost in the process of rice polishing, this new variety embedded the embryo. As a result of this research, we introduced healthy Hetbahn with rich nutrition that enables you to ingest nutrients such as the antioxidants contained in the embryo bud of rice, γ-oryzanol, essential fatty acid, linolenic acid, vitamins and dietary fiber.


‘Hetbahn nutritional cooked rice with a sizable embryo bud’ possessing an embryo bud three times as large

Ensuring the ideal taste of rice optimized for cooked rice, Jungmo 1017

CJ CheilJedang’s research for further enhancing the quality of rice has continued forward.
In 2016, we developed a variety of rice that allows for cooked rice to taste better as it has high amylose content, ‘Jungmo 1017.’ As Jungmo 1017 has a great taste, and features a high ‘Head Rice Milling Recovery Ratio,’ specifically, the ratio of rice polished without any loss of rice quality, it is a variety optimized for cooked rice. In general, if the amylose content of rice is 17 - 20%, it is known to have the best taste possible. The amylose content of Jungmo 1017’s amylose is as high as 18%. Thanks to ongoing research on these varieties of rice, Jungmo 1017 was used as one of the raw materials for ‘Hetbahn,’ and consumers are now able to enjoy Hetbahn freshly cooked with the freshest rice at any time of the year.


With the embryo bud of rice remaining intact, ’Hetbahn cooked rice is loaded with embryo buds’

Hetbahn embodying ‘health’ and ‘value’ based on the best technology, taste and quality

simple cooked rice. Also, we will reinforce the competitiveness of the domestic rice industry, and introduce a new vision to the rice processing industry that utilizes rice, the future food resource.