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Until CJ CheilJedang became the leader of globalization of Korean food

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A cup of coffee? Want something to drink?
A healthy, relaxing moment with a nice beverage on a busy day

A coffee break to sit back and relax in the city

Whenever we meet up with a friend for a brief conversation or want to take a break, we say, “Let’s get a cup of coffee.” ‘A cup of coffee’ is a code for relaxing and restoring energy. In modern society, a beverage is no longer simply something to accompany your meal and work up an appetite; it is now a culture itself that has formed a big market on its own.

A coffee break to sit back and relax in the city

A cup of coffee:
Small but certain happiness to enjoy every day!

In the movies, we always see the scene where the main character walks in a hurry with a cup of coffee in hand on his or her way to work. The famous film “The Devil Wears Prada” also shows the heroine Anne Hathaway going to work early in the morning with coffee for her boss and colleagues. If the main character is looking cool or sentimental, lost in thought, there is always a beverage in the scene like coffee or tea. That’s why whenever we stroll along the streets with a cup of coffee in hand on a typical day, we feel good for some reason as if we’re starring in a movie. Coffee or beverage in a takeaway cup seems to represent something romantic about the people today. There is nothing more perfect than a great beverage to enjoy small but certain happiness in daily life.

Various drinks

Restoring emotional energy with a cup of beverage

By definition, a drink or a beverage refers to all kinds of liquid that a person can drink. Basically, it is to replenish moisture and quench the thirst, but a beverage also has other functions such as just to enjoy the taste, recover from fatigue, and refreshing oneself. It is classified into non-alcoholic drinks like coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, milk beverages and fruit juices, and alcoholic drinks including beer and wine. In fact, all beverages excluding water are simply favorite foods that are unrelated to survival, which is why they are developed much more culturally or emotionally than nutritionally. This is probably why the market is growing with a greater variety of beverages in modern society where communication has become so important amid such a hectic life. People tend to seek something to drink when they want to build a relationship, cheer up or improve their moods, such as to relax for a while on an exhausting day, talk about something important, refresh themselves or hang out with friends, rather than when they are feeling hungry or thirsty. In other words, they restore their emotional energy with a nice beverage.

Twice more cafés than convenience stores

The rapid growth of the café industry and beverage market worldwide

The beverage market is showing explosive growth worldwide, perhaps because beverages are like emotional supplements for people. This growth is in line with the development of urban culture. With the rapid urbanization of various places in the world, this growth is only natural. The coffee market, which is showing the most remarkable growth, is the biggest among all beverage markets as coffee is enjoyed by all busy workers. The market size is estimated to be approximately $2.3 trillion (KRW 2.456 quadrillion). The coffee market in Korea is also worth approximately KRW 11.7 trillion, with one person drinking 512 cups of coffee a year and the entire nation drinking 26.5 billion cups a year . This means that all Koreans drink at least one cup of coffee a day. If this is just the coffee market, which takes up approximately 22% of all beverage consumption, then it can be assumed that an individual drinks more than two cups of beverage a day.

Percentage of beverages by category, coffee drinks 22.1%, carbonated drinks 21.3%, fruit and vegetable drinks 18.4%, sports drinks/vitamin drinks 12.7%, soybean milk 8.6%, ginseng drinks 6.1%, liquid tea 5.9%, Energy drinks 4.9%, 2016 market size KRW 3.4246 trillion

Source, Food Journal Sept. 18, 2017

Woman drinking a drink during exercise

We can no longer just assume that good medicine tastes bitter!
Here are some healthy drinks to suit your taste!

Healthy drinks that emerged with the well-being lifestyle

The most evident thing here is the emergence of tasty healthy drinks. With the increasing consumption of coffee, tea and carbonated drinks, the caffeine intake per person has also grown, which causes all kinds of diseases. This led people to find healthier drinks than caffeinated drinks. In addition, consumers began to aim for a more well-being lifestyle in which healthy life is considered a prerequisite for happiness and prefer food in its natural state, which resulted in the growing demand for healthy drinks. In the past, healthy drinks were perceived as something we must drink for our health even though they taste too bitter or flat. Accordingly, food companies are developing drinks with improved tastes and flavors based on all kinds of natural ingredients and convenient packages so that many people can continue to enjoy healthy drinks. More people will enjoy one healthy drink a day if the drink is both healthy and tasty, and especially if it will help bring a relaxing moment in life and restore their emotional energy.

Petitzel Micho

A healthy vinegar drink for beauty made with fermented vinegar

Did you know that you can simply drink vinegar as it is? Vinegar is commonly known as an ingredient that adds a sour taste and tartness to induce an appetite, while also maintaining freshness by preventing quick spoilage of other ingredients. Made accidentally in the process of fermenting alcohol, vinegar has long been watered down and consumed as a healthy drink. Fermented vinegar contains organic acids like acetic acid, citric acid and amino acid, which all have an antioxidant effect that prevents an increase of insulin inside the body, making people feel full and satisfied and thereby helping them lose weight and prevent all kinds of adult diseases, according to many research findings. The New York Times also reported in April 2016 that intake of vinegar is proved to be effective for weight loss, which shed light on vinegar as a drink good for weight loss not only in Korea but also all over the world.

  • Petitzel Micho

    Petitzel Micho Strawberry Jasmine

    Restore your energy with a sweet, healthy drink of fermented fruit vinegar in the form of aromatic blended tea!

  • Real Strawberry Latte

    Real Strawberry Latte

  • Strawberry Einspänner

    Strawberry Einspänner

  • Strawberry Tea

    Strawberry Tea

The great transformation of red ginseng drinks that used to represent bitterness!

The tastes and needs of consumers enjoying such healthy drinks are becoming more diversified and subdivided, which led the food industry to develop different kinds of healthy drinks. Food companies are particularly focusing on improving the taste and developing extraction methods or packages for greater convenience. The transformation of red ginseng drinks, which are typical healthy drinks, is especially worth noticing. Red ginseng drinks, which had been neglected by the young generation due to their bitter taste, are now much improved in terms of taste and are repackaged into a form that is easier to buy and consume at a convenience store, becoming one step closer to millennial consumers.

Ginseng Drink

Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng

A transformation of red ginseng! Enjoy Red Ginseng with improved taste and convenience! Targeting younger consumers, it has less bitterness and can be sipped conveniently with a cup with ice! If you’re exhausted by all the sweltering heat, enjoy a cool, healthy drink of Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng!

  • Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng Original

    Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng

  • Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng Pomegranate

    Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng

  • Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng Honey

    Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng

  • Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng Oriental Raisin

    Hanppuri Ice Red Ginseng
    Oriental Raisin

  • Hanppuri Cabbage

    Hanppuri Cabbage
    Cabbage extract, full of nutrition! It is made to taste good and easy to drink, to change the perception that cabbage extracts are disgusting and turn your stomach. This cabbage extract puts your stomach at ease! Mixed with Japanese apricots and apples, it tastes good and is much more convenient to drink.

  • Hanppuri Pear and Balloon Flower

    Hanppuri Pear and Balloon Flower
    The extract sourced from pears and balloon flowers and is steamed and dried nine times! It contains the delicious essence of black balloon flowers steamed and dried nine times with excellent quality that makes CJ CheilJedang proud.

People Drinking Healthy Drinks

Now we are moving from the era of survival where we must fill ourselves with essential nutrients to the era of taste where we place a priority on individual happiness and values. Beverages provide us with more pleasure and happiness beyond taste, restoring our emotional energy, even if it’s just for a brief moment when we enjoy that drink on a busy day. So how about enjoying a drink healthier than caffeine when you drink that one cup of happiness a day? Start now! Be both happy and healthy! Restore your healthy emotional energy!