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Moment story

Until CJ CheilJedang became the leader of globalization of Korean food

그릇에 담겨있는 배추김치, 총각김치, 오이소박이, 깍두기 이미지

Eat with your eyes and nose

# Enjoy every corner of the world through a hashtag
Today, we’re introducing a form of digital food content that has triggered a new food culture.

These days, instant communication with someone on the other side of the world is now possible thanks to the power of the internet. With a simple search of a hashtag, you can browse the latest news from famous eateries and food influencers* of the world. All information that you could possibly want is readily available through various forms of digital content. With a small, palm-sized mobile device at our sides, we are truly living in a digital society that we once only dreamed of.

* influencers : individuals who influence other people via social media

The next stage of a new endeavor!
Endless march towards a new frontier of social content!

New content is pouring out from every nook and cranny around the world every single day

It used to be a costly effort to build up a global fan base, but the advent of social media has changed the rules seemingly overnight. All it takes is effectively conceived and crafted digital content on a social platform of your choosing, and a global star can rise to prominence in any country. The reigning K-Pop idol group BTS, with fans all around the globe, as well as Psy from Gangnam Style fame, was born partly because of this digital environment. The internet and social media are an open channel for everyone to freely communicate with the world and to push themselves to new heights. And because social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms to showcase one’s talent, a vast amount of digital content is being created every day.

Food, a delectable form of content
that we all love at least 3 times a day

A classic subject that everyone can enjoy and relate to

If there’s one form of content that people love to devour, food is definitely it. No matter what language you speak, the pleasure of eating is a universal mode of communication that is easily shared by all viewers.

Evolution of food content
and our conception

Food content had its inception from ‘cultural’ television shows aimed at housewives, relaunching with vigor from the early 2000s through variety shows. The trend has now reached its heyday with the widespread use of social media.
Because the main user base of social media is comprised of the millennial generation*, fun and visually stimulating food content is quickly being developed and spread across the world.

Now food is not only a means of sustenance but a crucial ingredient in content creation. In addition to the process of eating and cooking, we hope you enjoy the sensory world of food in its sound, color, lifestyle, and even environment. Food content has enjoyed a long history as our companion, and it is now expanding into a wide variety of concepts and topics through social media.

* millennial generation : those born between 1982-2000 with social media as a key part of their lifestyle

So many kinds of food,
so many types of content

As more and more people in the world are tuning into food content, we are beginning to see different genres in how we present our food. Genres are normally associated with movies and music, but they are also a perfect fit in describing the distinctive types of food content. Consumers in social media are searching for their favorite content genre to optimize their viewing pleasure.

Of the many different types of food content, ASMR focuses on the auditory pleasure of the sound of eating, Mukbang delivers a visual consumption of exotic food, and Cookbang showcases interesting recipes that everyone should try at least once. With the popularity of personal broadcasting channels on YouTube, ‘Mukbang’ is particularly eye-catching for the satisfaction of eating through the show’s host. It has a relatively low entry barrier that allows for easy content production, and it deals with a subject that everyone can relate to. As the millennial generation tends to value everyday happiness above lofty ideals, ‘Mukbang’ is a content approach that represents our daily happiness from simple, universal, and attainable pleasure.

Furthermore, food content is also influencing the Hallyu trend. Simply by entering the keyword of ‘Mukbang’ in YouTube will give you over 200,000 videos that were created by global YouTubers. This goes to show the status of Korean food content as a trendy keyword, as well as its widespread global adoption. The most important element of Mukbang is the viewer’s indirect satisfaction and the interaction with the host, which is something that can be appreciated by all who enjoy the company of good food.

“Savor with your eyes, enjoy with your ears.
Food content that will truly overload your senses!”
And now, introducing the different kinds of food content.

# Cookbang

The most basic and traditional food content. It is a portmanteau of ‘cook’ and ‘bang’ (first character of the Korean word for ‘broadcast’). This content aims to show the process of cooking, as well as to document the recipe for its viewers.

A recipe from convenience stores for our millennial generation:
‘Buldak Fire Meal’

With a catchy background tune and speedy transitions, viewing the recipe may be more fun than cooking it:
‘Sautéed jajangmyeon with truffles and green onion kimchi’

# Mukbang

A Korean abbreviation of ‘eating show’ that features a wide variety of food and their consumption.
Viewers are invited to derive their indirect satisfaction through the ‘visualization of hunger’.

Foreigners review food products in Mukbang:
‘First-time reviewers’


A newly popular genre in social media that applies autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) to food content. The sound of cooking, eating and chewing is merged together in this content format to translate sound into food.

King-size kimchi dumpling Jjageulyi
stimulates viewers’ senses with its sizzling sound and the hot steam emanating out of its broth.

Sizzling texture and colorful visuals come alive:
‘Fruit candy’

# Review

Delivers food content packed full of fun through product reactions and experiments.

Go! Go! Microwavers!,
a gigantic food cooking competition show that even featured CJ CheilJedang’s brand manager

Straight from a food laboratory
‘Experiment on the thickness of SPAM slices’

# V-log

A portmanteau of ‘video’ and ‘blog’, vlog refers to a blog that encapsulates a natural moment of the host’s life in the form of a video. Popular content on video channels, vlogs show snippets of everyday life in an intimate manner and for that reason often feature food.

A day in the life of a chef:
‘Kitchen Diary Vlog’

“Making food fun,
not just delicious!”

Introducing Food Creator CJ CheilJedang’s social media channels

CJ CheilJedang is regularly engaging with our customers through a wide range of food content to better serve today’s digital needs. Beyond the simple promotion of new products, we turn experience and communication into fun content that has a particular focus on food.