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CJ CheilJedang

A global lifestyle company that creates health, happiness and convenience

CJ CheilJedang is taking a leap forward as a global food and bio company through endless challenge and innovation

The company aims to practice consumer-oriented management with the DNA of change and innovation, and transform itself into a global lifestyle company that is able to create health, joy and convenience.

We bring joy to dining tables
through K-Food

We aim to globalize the taste of Korea through creating balanced taste between Korean cuisine and local preferences, and share healthy and convenient lifestyle.

We are opening a Global Eco-Friendly era through innovation of our Green BIO technology

The philosophy of the BIO business is to create sustainable life and healthy earth with our eco-friendly technology.

We are opening a generation of growth sharing
to the global society

To build a society where people live together, we are carrying out social contribution with the aim of ‘promoting the healthy food life of people,’ ‘preserving the ecosystem of the local community’ and ‘making the dreams of youths come to life’.


Contributing to the future community
by providing the best value with our ONLYONE products and services


Forward thinking lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health,
happiness, and convenience


Talent - Exceptional talent, Exceptional culture
ONLYONE - First, best and different
SHARED GROWTH - Building ecosystems Shared values
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