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UN SDGs and Community Development

To become a top global company that can ensure its survival in the future, CJ CheilJedang creates the two core values, health and safety and sustainable environment, across the purchase of raw materials, production, consumption, and disposal. To do so, we aim to achieve the virtuous cycle of Nature to Nature in which we obtain resources from nature, provide food to consumers, and return the resources to nature.

Raw Materials

Procurement of
Sustainable Materials

  • 100% transition to
    RSPO-certified Palm oil
  • ‘Seed Project’ in Brazil
  • Declaration of cessation of deforestation
  • Contribution to animal welfare

Supply Chain

  • Evaluation of partners on
    compliance to the Code of Conduct
  • Assessment of the human rights
    impact in the supply chain
  • Win-Win Academy,
    Naeil Chaeum Deduction System,
    Happy Companion
  • Mutual Cooperation Center
    for Food Safety
  • Organize ecosystem for innovation
    (CIAT, O!VentUs, Frontier Labs)

Zero Human Rights Risk

  • UN’s Declaration of Eradication
    of Child Labor
  • CSV project for rural
    development in Vietnam


Responding to
climate change

  • GHG Reduction
  • Use of new and renewable
    energy resources (fermented
    soybean meal, woodchips, etc.)
  • Water resource risk management
  • Waste management
  • Reduce food loss

Zero Human Rights Risk

  • Evaluation of human rights
    impact at business sites
  • UN’s Declaration of Eradication
    of Child Labor
  • Expansion of ethical
  • Sustainability management
    education for employees and

Respect for DEI

  • Selected as company with
    excellent Labor-management
    culture by the Ministry of
    Employment and Labor in 2021
  • Program to respect employee diversity
  • Build a culture of fair
    competition and diverse opportunities
  • Participation in TGE
    (Target Gender Equality) initiative


Enhancement of
Health And Nutrition

  • Development of products
    for better health
    (‘Hetbahn’ with low protein rice,
    PlanTable, BYO probiotics, etc.)
  • Development of amino acids
    for animal health
  • Food Bank, Goodwill store,
    CJ Breeding Corp.
  • CJ CheilJedang Sharing
  • Hope Food Pack
  • Food assistance for disaster
    emergency relief

Responding to
climate change

  • Development of low-carbon
    high-efficiency feed addictives
  • Development of amino acids
    for eco-friendly agriculture

Eco-friendly packaging

  • Development of packaging
    materials that are reusable
    and recyclable
  • Reduction in use of plastic

Developing eco-friendly
material solutions

  • Development of PHAs
    (Marine biodegradable plastics)

Respect for DEI

  • Development of halal food
  • CJ-UNESCO Girl’s
    Education campaign


Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • Hetbahn Gardening
  • Redesigning packaging
    materials(Spam, etc.)
  • Recovering packaging
    materials(Hetbahn, etc.)
  • Recycling packaging materials
    (Gift set trays)

Development of
Materials Solution

  • Development of PHAs
    (Marine biodegradable plastics)
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