Sustainability Management
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Sustainability Management

CJ Cheiljedang pursues sustainable growth of its businesses by securing economic and environmental soundness and fulfilling social responsibility based on the founding philosophy of the 'business security country'.


Dear CJ CheilJedang Stakeholders, This is Kang, Sin Ho
CEO of CJ CheilJedang.

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Sustainable Environment

Response to Climate Change

CJ CheilJedang declared Carbon Neutral & Zero Waste for 2050, and is going after sustainable businesses and investments for the future to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

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Sustainable Packaging & Eco-friendly Material Solutions

To fulfill a sustainable resource circulation system where we can deliver nature to our consumers’ tables and bring it back to nature, CJ CheilJedang established a packaging strategy.

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Wellness and Safety

Enhancement of Health
and Nutrition

In order to offer healthier food for the consumers, CJ CheilJedang strives to improve the nutritional quality of its products.

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Food and Product Safety

CJ CheilJedang recognizes that thoroughly managing food safety is a fundamental responsibility of a food manufacturing company and is committed to practicing it.

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People and Community

Respect for DE&I & Human Rights

CJ CheilJedang wants to build a creative and flexible culture by strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

CJ CheilJedang believes that growth in the supply chain occurs when all suppliers fulfill their responsibilities for their employees, society and the environment, and eventually enhance sustainability. Therefore, achieving a sustainable supply chain represents growth for all of us.

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Safety and Health

CJ CheilJedang believes that securing the safety and health of workers should be considered as a top priority in corporate management activities. Accordingly, we are striving to establish a more advanced safety and health management system from the perspective of corporate social responsibility.

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