CJ Blossom Campus
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CJ Blossom Campus

An innovative production hub rooted in digital technology

Introduction to the CJ Blossom Campus

It is a smart factory that channels the R&D results of CJ CheilJedang’s research institute, / CJ Blossom Park, into innovative products.
It oversees the conceptualization of home meal replacement (HMR) products like Hetbahn and bibigo, widely embraced by people around the world.

Products that are currently driving the K-Food trend are born in CJ Blossom Park, and allow to flourish in CJ Blossom Campus.


CJ Blossom Campus is the first, the largest and the most differentiated smart factory in Korea that capably exudes the ONLYONE spirit of CJ CheilJedang, with its significant scale and eco-friendly technology.




take on new challenges and

Brand-new Blossom

see them blossom into new products.

Eco-friendly, advanced technology

CJ Blossom Campus aims to wield its advanced digital technology as a means to become the foundation for future business and the global expansion of CJ CheilJedang.

CJ Blossom Campus Tour

The Hetbahn Museum in CJ Blossom Campus showcases CJ CheilJedang’s history and vision for the globalization of K-Food. It also offers you the unique chance to tour the smart factory and experience its products up close.

Witness the smart production process of ‘Hetbahn’ with your own eyes.

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