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Can I have Hetbahn?

In the past 20 years, Hetbahn has become pronoun for products of cooked rice, which provides essential energy.

From the very moment you eat Hetbahn, to not only make you full physically but also make you feel warm and happy, Hetbahn creates a new lifestyle.


Signifying the delicious and fresh cooked rice with newly harvested rice

The red circle, the representative image of Hetbahn, symbolizes the sun that ripens the grains of rice.
The white Myungjo font symbolizes the warm cooked rice, and delivers the comfortable and friendly feeling of home-made food.

In December 1996,
Hetbahn opened a new chapter in Korean food culture

Hetbahn, launched in December 1996, is a brand that represents the ONLYONE spirit of CJ CheilJedang, which newly created the products of cooked rice market.
Hetbahn, a pronoun for the products of cooked rice, implemented the taste of home- steamed rice, and changed the consumers’ perception of not only commercial cooked rice, but also the food culture of Korea.

  • 1996 Launched 'Hetbahn'
  • 2001 Renewed 'Hetbahn' first
  • 2003 Launched 7 kinds
    of Hetbahn multi-
    grain rice products
  • 2005 Launched Two of
    us together
    Hetbahn, two
    small bowls of
  • 2006 Launched a variety
    of Hetbahn with
  • 2008 Launched
    functional cooked
    rice (low-protein
    rice) and porridge
  • 2011 Renewed Hetbahn
    for the second
    time (changed the
    Hetbahn brand
  • 2013 Launched
    Hetbahn white
    rice porridge
  • 2015 Launched
    Hetbahn Cupbahn
  • 2018 Everyday multi-
    grain cooked rice

The three secrets of the Hetbahn

The company complies with the basics and continues to make efforts all for the sake of tasty cooked rice.

The secret of the taste of newly cooked rice

The secret of Hetbahn's expiration date

The secret of the Hetbahn bowl

For even tastier steamed rice, Hetbahn is made new everyday.
Enjoy the brand that represents the food culture of Korea beyond just the simple pronoun for products of cooked rice, Hetbahn


Cooked rice with soup

Cooked rice with soup

Cooked rice with side dishes

Cooked rice with side dishes

Hetbahn Cooked rice for helping glucose control

Hetbahn Cooked rice for helping glucose control

Multi-grain cooked rice

Multi-grain cooked rice

Cooked rice

Cooked rice