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Social Contributions

Social Contribution Strategy

Since the establishment of the industry’s first dedicated social contribution department in 1999, CJ CheilJedang has consistently engaged in social contribution activities particularly in areas that require social attention and in where in can excel most. We conducts integrated social contribution activities that focus on creating core values related to ‘wellness and safety’, and ‘sustainable environment’. Through initiatives such as the Food Bank donations, which started in 1999, as well as various food sharing programs and volunteer activities by employees, the company contributes to the development of local communities

Core Areas of Social Contribution

Founding philosophy Contribute to the national economy + Ho-am's Management Principle Co-existence and Co-prosperity > Health and Safety, Sustainable Environment

Major Activity

Health and Safety

Hope Food Pack

The Hope Food Pack program is aimed at contributing to the health and wellness of future generations by providing food packages and supporting healthy lifestyle habits for vulnerable populations. CJ CheilJedang has been providing food packages to 2,000 children in 70 nationwide Child Welfare Centers since 2020 as part of this initiative.

CJ CheilJedang Sharing Refrigerator

CJ CheilJedang Sharing Refrigerator is a food support program for young individuals living alone, in collaboration with the city of Seoul and the Youth Center Orang. This initiative aims to improve the dietary habits of economically and emotionally challenged young individuals through food package assistance. It encourages the practice of value-based consumption of food, and simultaneously contributes to the natural circulation of waste, perception enhancement through waste collection, and other opportunities for development.

Sustainable Environment

Hetbahn, Our containers to save the Earth

CJ CheilJedang is conducting the ‘Recycling of Hetbahn Container Collection Campaign,' where recyclable yet discarded Hetbahn containers are directly collected and transformed into valuable resources. The collected Hetbahn containers undergo separation and cleaning at local self-sufficiency centers before being recycled through material processing. This process not only contributes to recycling but also provides job opportunities and revenue for self-sufficiency centers.

‘Adopt a Beach’ to take care
of beaches like our pets

CJ CheilJedang, in partnership with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, is running a program that treats adopted beaches as if they were pets. We aim to foster continuous initiatives in marine environmental cleanup and the preservation of marine ecosystems through activities like cleaning up marine litter.

Activities for the community

Support for the disabled
to be self-reliant Goodwill Store

CJ CheilJedang donates food items to the 'Milal Welfare Foundation Goodwill Store,' where products donated by individuals and businesses are sold to generate income for providing jobs and salaries to employees with disabilities. This initiative not only offers sustained employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities but also contributes to reshaping perceptions around the value of soon-to-expire food items. Additionally, Goodwill Store allocates 1% of the sales revenue from CJ CheilJedang's donated products to support the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), contributing to the global effort to address the issue of Zero Hunger.

Food assistance for disaster relief

CJ CheilJedang provides emergency relief food composed of CJ CheilJedang products to help individuals facing difficulties due to disasters and emergencies have stable meals. The company has established an emergency support system in collaboration with the Disaster Relief Association to swiftly deliver aid to affected areas. In times of disasters such as concentrated heavy rainfall and wildfires, CJ CheilJedang offers emergency relief food to evacuees in need.

Kimchi Giving Program, Participated by all sites

At the end of each year, CJ CheilJedang engages in community outreach at its various site locations by giving kimchi, its flagship product of K-Food, to the elderly individuals living alone, underprivileged children, and individuals with disabilities, benefiting the local community. CJ CheilJedang 's employees actively participate in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities through CJ Donorscamp, which is the social contribution platform of CJ Welfare Foundation, supporting underprivileged children and youth to live healthy and fulfilling lives and spreading the spirit of giving.

Wonder Walk

‘Wonder Walk’ is a program that promotes the emotional and physical well-being of underprivileged children through walking activities and experiencing local cultural sites. CJ CheilJedang’s employees participated in the program as part of a community service initiative, walking alongside children from the Child Welfare Centers and exploring nearby mountains, parks, historical sites.

Dream Career Academy

To support practical independence for disadvantaged youth, ‘Dream Career Academy’ provides vocational education, which upon successful completion of the education, provides opportunities for employment in CJ’s subsidiary companies. For young individuals who couldn't access professional vocational education due to challenging circumstances, ‘Dream Career Academy’ offers training courses in fields such as cooking, baking, service management, and assists them in preparing for their future aspirations.

Global Social Contributions

CJ BIO Pasuruan Plant

The Pasuruan Plant in Indonesia, as CJ's first global plant, actively engages in various CSR activities to uphold its business philosophy of "Boguk“ (contributing to the national economy). In order to enhance the surrounding environment, we plant trees and pursue river normalization projects, and provide vocational training to support quality education. Our efforts extend to supporting infrastructure development to promote regional integration and access to communities around the plant. To this end, we have established a religious school and strive to work in harmony with local people through activities to improve the natural environment of mangrove tourist destinations.

Rejoso Mangrove Center (MRC) Ecosystem Protection Activities

Provided banners, trash cans, etc. to residents around the mangrove forest, which is an educational tourist destination, to prevent saltwater depletion and protect the habitat for fish.

Rejoso Mangrove Center(MRC) 시설 생태계 보호 활동

Support for Health

We began working with the Gratidon Healthcare Center to care for Hansen’s disease patients and fight the disease. In April 2022 (during Ramadan), we collaborated with the healthcare center to give to Hansen's disease patients in Plososari village.

We partnered with the Rejoso Healthcare Center to provide education and nutrition packages to children in the villages of Manikrejo and Segoropuro, where children were experiencing growth issues. We made monetary donations to integrated healthcare centers (Arjosari, Kemantrenrejo, Patuguran, Kedawung) to improve infant nutrition in the surrounding communities.

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