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Who we are

We know that

warm, delicious food is never just a meal,
tasty food makes life taste better.

The very thing that keeps us alive,
has the awesome power
to make us feel more alive.

Our Story Live Delicious
Mmm Mmm
Live Life To The Yummiest

We want to help
the world enjoy every
moment, because life
tastes better when you

Live Delicious

Our Brand Logo

bibigo 비비고 - The circular holding shape, Wordmark_English, Wordmark_Hangeul

Our Brand Story

bibigo, our brand name, is derived from our guiding philosophy of 'bibim', which embodies the art of skillfully blending diverse ingredients to create extraordinary flavors.

The circular holding shape of the logo is inspired by people passing dishes around the Bapsang, with energy and excitement. It symbolizes connection and fosters a sense of togetherness globally.

Within the logo shape, we have a new customized wordmark that reflects the Korean passion and boldness of our approach to everything we do, and we wear our Korean heritage with pride, giving the Hangeul (Korean characters) a prominent position, as we look to help spread K-Food to all four corners of the globe.

Our Products

K-Street food

A feast of richness and juiciness filled in thin & chewy wrappers. Easy to enjoy as snacks or meals conveniently.

The carefully selected ingredients and bibigo’s secret seasoning provide the highest taste quality. CJ Food’s own patented lactic acid bacteria keeps bibigo Kimchi fresh and crunchy.

Sauced yet crunchy, bibigo's K-style chicken stays crunchy even when coated in sauce. Enjoy extra crunchiness in every bite with Korean bold flavors, sweet & spicy or garlic soy sauce to suit your taste.

Freshly steamed, just-cooked quality with bibigo’s high-pressure steaming technology. Enjoy bibigo rice in various convenient ways.

Deep & savory taste made with K-fermentation. Makes it easier than ever to add Korean flavor to any dish.

bibigo's Gim (Korean Seaweed) snacks offer a variety of flavors in different shapes, packed with full of natural nutrients and crispiness for everyone to savor.

Restaurant-quality, crispy, golden-brown wrapper filled with fresh ingredients with a Korean touch. Perfect as a snack, appetizer, or side dish.

Ultimate Korean daily comfort food, from meals and snacks to dessert. Enjoy the flavor synergy with exciting pairings offered by bibigo.

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2010년 - bibigo 비비고 brand launch, 2014년 - Mandu launch, expanded portfolio, 2018년 - 비비고 visual Identity renual, 2019년 Mandu hits 1B KRW Sales, 2021년 - Plant-based products launched, No.1 dumpling brand in the US, 2023년 Expansion to K-Street food Portfolio, 2014년 - Global visual Identity renewal

bibigo around the world

More than 100 different Korean food products are sold in more than 70 countries around the world.
Representing the taste of Korean food,
bibigo is increasing the value of Hansik all over the world.