CJ Blossom Park
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A place where the creativity for opening up a new future manifests itself constantly through communication and cooperation
We dream of communication and communion between space and nature, between individuals and space, and between time and materials
A creative research center that blooms in the space of communication and communion

CJ Blossom Park

CJ Blossom Park is the largest food and BIO convergence research institute of its kind in Korea

Home to all the core food and bio research institutes in one location, and exuding powerful synergy.
CJ Blossom Park represents the onset of the company’s acceleration into becoming a global company, creating a sense of newness through open communication.

CJ Blossom Park PR Video

The history of CJ.

A global life culture company was written with the continued challenge and innovation.

We are now at the starting point for a great CJ.

In order to become the world’s number one global food and Bio Company, we established CJ blossom Park, a new concept of R&D institute that breaks the boundaries between industries.

CJ blossom Park, a Research Institute that will provide a new future for humankind, has fully implemented ONLY ONE, the management philosophy of CJ. The research building ‘Prime’ for research and the research building ‘Next’ for pilot tests and mass production research dramatically accelerate the speed of technology development.

Above all, the blossoms shape, curtain wall technology and scientific sunshade that show the flexible facade of the research building ‘Prime’ are a splendid achievement of the ONLY ONE philosophy in light of architecture.

Future air-conditioning system that creates a pleasant research environment, ‘Chilled beam’ and the ‘Service boom’ that facilitates flexible laboratory layouts also refresh the research system itself and speed up the development by breaking research boundaries.

The space also aims for the philosophy of the ONLY ONE that reflects honesty, passion, and creativity. A new concept of integrated research space which does not draw a distinction between spaces for office and experiment and spaces for working and collaboration will be the source of large-scale technology development.

Spaces that lead to open communication between researchers are transformed into explosive synergies in the technology development. There are also spaces where people can come up with creative ideas and consider them to help move forward dramatically. In addition, spaces that support healthy life provide an environment where researchers can fully devote to research.

Each research center that has been under the spotlight before CJ blossom Park is now creating a greater future through the synergistic effects of communication and collaboration. Bio Research Institute is based on world leading technology of biological engineering and we utilize various cell factories leading towards a revolutionary future in the bio industry. In addition, we will grow and become one of the top solution providers by developing power bread for feed products for different livestock species and technology intensive high-value products. The Food Research Institute leads the development of mega-hit products and power brands and the globalization of Korean food through technology gap.

Through the enhancement of food processing technology we will develop high quality convenience foods future food resources and differentiated food materials. We will advance and become the top Global Research Institute that creates a new dietary culture through research of strain screening.

New day institute creates innovative new businesses based on the synergy effect between bio and food sector through microbiome technology, and it will develop convergence platform of future technology in order to contribute to the health of people, animals, and plants based on future forward business models such as red bio and white bio.

We planted seeds of infinite potential called CJ blossom Park based on the foundation of the best research infrastructure. The boundless and unlimited research conducted by the world’s leading researchers will grow into a large-scale technology of global ONLY ONE and make a massive achievement that will benefit mankind.

A forward base to create new growth engines and a new path for a great CJ that’s CJ Blossom Park.

The keywords of the architecture of CJ Blossom Park <Communication>

Start Topography and architecture

Independent and coexisting peacefully with the natural environment

Connection Sunshade and curtain wall structure

The structure surrounding the three towers represents the dynamic imagery of CJ CheilJedang.

Meeting lobby and showroom

The provision of a comfortable atmosphere in which people can communicate and share ideas with each other captures the essence of the design.

Communication and fusion atrium

The atrium where the three towers come together
Symbolizing the collaboration of CJ CheilJedang


An infinite space
Reflecting diverse narratives


The ideas spawned by joy
in a free space and at the dining table


Greenness filled with sunshine and wind

CJ CheilJedang will engage in more dedicated efforts to become a global lifestyle company that creates health,
happiness and convenience thanks to being hardwired for change and innovation.
CJ Blossom Park is performing a pivotal role so that CJ CheilJedang can leverage its leading infrastructure,
global-caliber R&D manpower and innovative technology to become a dominant global enterprise.
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