Samho Eomuk
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Samho Eomuk

Trustworthy reputation as a famous Eomuk House,

Processed seafood that delivers healthiness and vitality of the sea

‘Samho Eomuk’ delivers healthiness and vitality of the sea

Since 1985, 'Samho Eomuk' has been setting the standard for genuine eomuk, by creating eomuk into a form of curd.

'Samho Eomuk' delivers the genuine taste and nutrition of whitefish, based on philosophy and principle of Samho, which stays true to our roots and standard for genuine eomuk.


‘Samho Eomuk’ has lived up to its reputation of famous Eomuk House for 30 years

Samho Eomuk’s design depicts trust with pen illustrations with a traditional heritage, and graphics that represent seafood. Also, the ivory color of the background is intentionally used to indicate that healthiness we provide is environmental friendly.

‘Samho Eomuk’ helps you to achieve more balanced nutrition in your daily meals for yourself and your beloved ones


Premium eomuk made of carefully selected clean flesh of whitefish


A popular snack for any occasion, Matsal


Freshly made low-calorie Gonyak that aids your health

True to our reputation as a famous traditional Eomuk House, which delivers the taste and flavor of authentic eomuk

In order to create fresh and genuine processed seafood product, our process compiles with method that has been practiced for 30 years and fundamental principles of Samho.


Crab meat

Crab meat

Fishcake & crab soup

Fishcake & crab soup

Fishcake soup

Fishcake soup