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Mission & Vision


Share Better Food,
Create New Wellness


To be a Leading Food
Company Enriching Lives



Global food company inspiring a new lifestyles

Having started out as the first sugar manufacturer in Korea in 1953, CJ Foods has been leading the food industry of Korea for more than 70 years.
We introduce a range of premium products through use of new technologies, offering the chance for people to adopt healthy and convenient lifestyles. We actively spread traditional Korean food and food culture through 70 years of dedicated research, development and innovation, and presenting the taste and culture of Korea to customers around the world.

Sales (as of December 2023)

11.2조원, 2021년 95,662억원, 2022년 111,042억원, 2023년 112,644억원

Main business introduction

Home Meal Replacement (HMR)

To meet the quickly changing lifestyle of modern people, CJ Foods creates a new market with premium HMR products that can be enjoyed conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Meat/Fishery Processing

The meat/Fishery processing business ensures diverse tastes, introduces safe products, and pursues a lifestyle featuring healthy menu offerings that expand on original tastes and textures of the ingredients.


The seasoning / sauce business, which was formed on the strength of its fermentation and purification technology, has been ensuring the integrity of the food that graces our dining tables for more than 50 years. It strived for convenience through small packaging to meet consumer needs, and the ‘God of Cooking,’ which was launched in 2017, is bringing a new sense of joy to young consumers who are discovering the merits of cooking.

Health Food/
Ginseng Beverage

It is triggering a new era in the dietary supplements market based on BIO technology. CJ Foods is going all-out to improve the well-being and lives of consumers through ‘BYO probiotics’, which was discovered through use of its kimchi fermentation technology, and ‘Hanppuri,’ the ginseng beverage brand.


Having started out as the first sugar manufacturer in Korea in 1953, CJ Foods has been leading the food industry of Korea for more than 60 years. Its sweetener, flour and oil business reflects the range of lifestyle changes as well as the history of Korean cuisine.


CJ Foods produces healthy snacks and desserts that can be savored and snacked on at anytime and anywhere including our premium healthy snack, which is a fresh, new take on traditional Korean fried seaweed (gim-bugak) that uses a modern healthy recipe, Matbam that contains natural chestnuts, and Petitzel that is forming a new dessert culture.

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