BIO Research Institute
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BIO Research Institute

The BIO Research Institute is leading the future of Green and White BIO with its innovative technologies for developing world-class strains and eco-friendly processes.

The BIO Research Institute, which is composed of the BIO Technology Institute and the BIO Chemical Institute, is preparing to make a giant leap into the future as one of the world's best Green and White BIO companies.

Based on the world-best bio technology, we aim to use various cell factories to realize the innovative future of the bio industry, and we will affirm ourselves as a global solution provider by developing large products based on core feed/livestock technology by species and tech-intensive high-value-added products.

Research areas

  • Human/Animal Nutrition & Health
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Plant-based Proteins
  • Bio Control
  • Enzymes
  • Bio-based Chemicals
  • Biodegradable Materials
  • Bio Waste Control

Core technology

  • Development of synthetic biology-based industrial microbial strains
  • Development of eco-friendly fermentation and refining processes
  • OMICS/Analysis
  • Coating, processing, and formulation
  • Protein and enzyme engineering
  • Process automation
  • Polymeric application technologies

Developing biotechnology solutions

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