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Message from CEO

CJ CheilJedang, No. 1 foods company in Korea, is transforming into a World Best food and BIO company

Kang, Sin Ho
CEO of CJ CheilJedang

Since 1953, ever since we started producing sugar, which is one of the most essential food ingredients, CJ CheilJedang has been spearheading the development of the domestic food industry for the past 70 years, and continuously evolving by expanding business areas to include BIO

CJ Foods has been engrossed with launching products featuring exquisite taste and differentiated quality by following social trends and consumers’ needs of healthy and convenient lifestyle. Also, based on the powerful premium brands of ‘Beksul,’ ‘Haechandle,’ ‘DASIDA,’ ‘Hetbahn’ and ‘Petitzel’, we have been fortunate to see significant growth. In addition, we create ‘bibigo’ as a globally integrated brand, leading the globalization of Korean food.

CJ BIO started their business from the production of MSG in 1964. We have manufactured amino acid and nucleic acid products, taking full advantage of the microbial fermentation technology that has been developed for more than 60 years. As of 2017, the company takes the largest market share of the global lysine, tryptophan, valine and fermented nucleic acid market, and is now looking to expand its business in the nutritional sector, such as by developing the world’s first BIO technology, L-Met, and producing and selling a diverse range of edible amino acids.

Also, since it embarked on its feed business in Korea in 1973, the company has chosen to break into the Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese and Philippine markets, and is producing and selling various products, such as feed for hogs, chickens and fish, and quickly growing in appeal among global feed and livestock companies thanks to the leveraging of its differentiated R&D strengths and feed technologies to tap into Southeast Asian countries which possess high growth potential.

Beyond No.1 food company in Korea, we will transform into a World Best food and BIO company by reinforcing our global businesses.

To this end, we will make continuous efforts to secure and develop outstanding talented people, and we will work hard to create a corporate culture that will promote their creativity and spirit of challenge so that they can display their abilities to the fullest.
In addition, going a step further from social contribution focused on donations and volunteer activities, as shown in the case of ‘Growing Together with Farmers’ program, we will reinforce Creating Shared Value (CSV) activities by developing the food business ecosystem based on our core competitiveness.

CJ CheilJedang promises to be a global lifestyle company, which is to create health, happiness and convenience through consumer-oriented management, change and innovation.

Thank you.

CEO of CJ CheilJedang

Kang, Sin Ho

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