Food and Product Safety
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Wellness and Safety Food and Product Safety

What are the limits
of safe food?

Our Approach

As a food company, managing food safety is critical to protecting the health of individuals and society. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 600 million people worldwide become ill and 420,000 people die each year from consuming contaminated food. Food safety issues threat public health and well-being, and damage global economic activity. For businesses, they can also negatively impact brand reputation and profits through product recalls and consumer boycotts. In order to provide safer food to our customers, establishing a food safety management system and processes is essential. To achieve this, CJ CheilJedang aims to prevent and manage potential quality issues throughout the entire value chain through our CJ quality philosophy and CJ Global QMS.

Food and Product Safety
Food and Product Safety

Quality and Safety Management System

CJ CheilJedang is committed to providing safe food and products based on its quality philosophy and five quality principles. We prioritize the safety of our customers and provide safe food through the CJ Quality Management System (CJ QMS). To this end, the Food Business has dedicated quality and food safety organizations in the four global regions, countries, and sites. The Manufacturing HQ assumes overall responsibility for global quality and food safety and reports to the CTO. We prevent and manage safety and quality issues throughout the value chain, from R&D to production to sales.

Advancement of the CJ Global QMS

CJ CheilJedang actively prevents quality issues across the value chain, ranging from R&D to production and sales, to ensure safety. In particular, we have established its own global quality and safety process, which adopts stricter standards than those required by the HACCP or GFSI systems, and is disseminating the system throughout its global sites, including Korea. Since 2022, amid the expansion of our global presence, we've focused on CJ GLOBAL QMS Framework process advancement and localization to provide the safest food in the world.


Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certification

CJ CheilJedang continuously pursues GFSI certification for its global sites in order to provide safer food. As of 2022, CJ CheilJedang Food Business has certification for 46 sites around the world, including sites in Korea (including subsidiaries), the United States, and China. In addition, few sites have adapted to region- specific GFSI standards in consideration of global diversity. In the BIO and FNT Businesses, all food ingredient manufacturing sites are GFSI certified. We have expanded the scope of disclosure compared to 2022 to disclose the status of GFSI certification in the global sites of the Food, BIO, and FNT Businesses, and we plan to have our new sites to obtain GFSI certification.

GFSI Certification Status Region-specific GFSI Standards
Quality and Safety Risk Management

Regular employee training for safe product and service delivery

Quality and Safety Academy

To nurture quality and safety experts and provide high-quality products and services, CJ CheilJedang provides regular quality and safety training for its employees. The Quality and Safety Academy has eight competency areas and its own competency grading system. The academy provides well-organized training curricula for each competency area and coaching by leading experts with Excellence qualification.

Quality and Safety Competencies Quality Safety Professional Competency Rating System

Proactive monitoring of product and service safety

Operation of CJ Early Warning System(EWS)

CJ CheilJedang operates a continuous preventive control system that monitors food-related laws and regulations, quality and safety issues, and hazardous substance information both at home and abroad to identify and respond to potential risks in a timely manner. In particular, we issue EWS Alarm Documents to encourage relevant teams to take joint action to prevent risks and work to prevent the recurrence of risks through follow-up standardization and execution checks.

CJ EWS Information Response Process
Creating Shared Value

Supporting Small to Medium-sized Food Manufacturers with Quality Safety Management

As an effort to support the quality safety of small to medium-sized food manufacturers, CJ CheilJedang established a public corporation, Mutual Cooperation Foundation for Food Safety, to carry out quality safety support projects. Through this project, selected companies can receive the on-site diagnosis and improvement consultations four times a year with quality assurance guidance, take 14 on and offline training sessions on food safety at no cost, and reduce costs needed for quality analysis or equipment checks/repairs using the support funds. As of 2021, CJ CheilJedang has supported a total of 176 companies for quality safety. And as of April 2022, 24 small to medium-sized food Ceremony for the Quality Safety Support Project manufacturers were selected and a total of 200 small to medium-sized food manufacturers received free support.

Ceremony for the Quality Safety Support Project
Ceremony for the Quality Safety Support Project
At CJ, we believe that the health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority in business management. CJ exercises more stringent quality and safety practices than legal standards, which enables us to deliver healthy and wholesome products and services from farm to table. Additionally, we operate an early warning and prevention system designed to identify and manage any potential quality and safety risks associated with our products and services. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of both our customers and employees.
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