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Sustainability reports

2022 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2022 Sustainability Report

2021 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2021 Sustainability Report

2021 Climate Action Report

2021 Climate Action Report

2020 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2020 Sustainability Report

2019 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2019 Sustainability Report

2018 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2018 Sustainability Report

2017 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2017 Sustainability Report

2016 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2016 Sustainability Report

2015 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2015 Sustainability Report

2013 CJ제일제당 지속가능경영 보고서

2013 Sustainability Report

Rules & Policies

In order to put into practice the sustainability management in details, we specify the rules and policies for each type of stakeholder, including shareholders, customers, employees, the supply chain, and the environment, and separately announce the information to the public.

E (Environment)

Sustainable Packaging Policy

Environmental Policy

Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing Policy

Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

Biodiversity Policy

S (Society)

Declaration of Human Rights

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Safety and Health Policy

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Code of Conduct Guidelines for Suppliers

G (Governance)

Corporate governance Charter

Tax Policy

Code of Conduct

GHG Verification Statement

2022 GHG Verification Statement

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