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Social Contributions

Social Contribution Strategy

Since the establishment of the industry’s first dedicated social contribution department in 1999, CJ CheilJedang has consistently engaged in social contribution activities in areas that require social attention and in which we excel. We have continued our Food Bank project through which we have been sharing food for 23 years now, starting in 1998. In 2019, we focused on the core values of health, safety, and a sustainable environment, and carried out relevant social contribution activities. Furthermore, in 2020, the qualitative reorganization of the program has set the stage for launching core value and job-linked programs and growing into representative programs. By making this one of our major programs, we are preparing for a leap forward to achieve greater growth.

Core Areas of Social Contribution

Founding philosophy Contribute to the national economy + Ho-am's Management Principle Co-existence and Co-prosperity > Health and Safety, Sustainable Environment

Major Activity

Health and Safety

Hope Food Pack

In order to contribute to the health and well-being of our future generations, we support them with food packages and programs for healthy lifestyle. In order to promote healthy development of children and to eradicate hunger problems, we ran the ‘Hope Food Pack’ program and delivered 70 food packs over 10 occurrences to 2,000 local children from July to November 2021.

CJ CheilJedang Sharing Refrigerator

Through this campaign, which was accompanied by the Seoul Youth Center Eunpyeong Orang, we developed opportunities to improve the eating habits of young people. In addition, they can practice the value consumption of food and develop this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the natural circulation and collection of waste.

Sustainable Environment

Hetbahn, Our containers to save the Earth

After purchasing a special set containing Hetbahn and a collection box from our company-owned mall, CJ The Market, you can return more than 20 used Hetbahn containers. The collected containers will be separated and cleaned from the local self-support center and recycled through the process of raw materialization, and in this process, jobs and revenue sources for the center will be created, developing this project into a CSV(shared value creation) business.

‘Adopt a Beach’ to take care
of beaches like our pets

CJ CheilJedang participates in the public-participating beach management program called ‘Adopt a Beach’. In September 2021, 50 employees participated in the ‘Masian Beach’ adoption ceremony at the International Coast Cleanup Day event, and in June 2022, for World Environment Day, 50 employees participated in ‘Adopt a Beach’ activities. With the Mission Clear Data Logging app where you can directly check the amount of garbage collection and carbon reduction, we plan to continue promoting environmental and biological protection activities through marine garbage cleanup activities.

Activities for the community

Support for the disabled
to be self-reliant Goodwill Store

With profits from selling items donated by individuals and companies, CJ CheilJedang donated about KRW 1.8 billion in products since June 2019 to the Goodwill Store of the Miral Welfare Foundation, which provides jobs and salaries to employees with disabilities. As of December 2021, we have been providing ongoing jobs for 135 people with disabilities. In addition, as a leading company in the food industry, we are contributing to raising awareness of the value of foods with imminent shelf life, changing the public’s awareness of the shelf life of food, and reducing burdens. Since the second half of 2020, Goodwill Store has been sponsoring 1% of the sales from CJ CheilJedang’s donated product to the United Nations World Food Programme(WFP) to contribute to solving the international hunger problem(Zero Hunger).

Food assistance for disaster relief

We support with emergency relief food consisting of our company’s products to ensure that people struggling from disasters can have stable access to food. In order to quickly deliver food items to the affected areas, the Disaster Relief Association has established an emergency support system, and provided KRW 25 million worth of emergency relief food to the people affected by the national torrential rain in 2020. In addition, KRW 23 million worth of disaster relief food was provided to the people affected by the Uljin and Samcheok wildfires in 2022.

Volunteering by sharing Kimchi
with all sites participating

CJ CheilJedang is working towards regional advancement and mutual growth by ‘Kimchi Sharing Program’, a flagship product that the company is manufacturing, with the local community at all of its business sites at the end of the year. We shared Kimchi with the elderly, vulnerable children and people with disabilities and in 2021, we delivered 411 boxes of Kimchi to 2,055 people from the vulnerable group. For the holidays, our Jincheon site delivered 105 boxes of our Tteokgalbi product to five of their local villages for mutual cooperation. Our Incheon site supported the people in the vulnerable groups within their region by sharing gifts.

Walk and Experience Local Culture

‘Walk and Experience Local Culture’ is a campaign supporting the emotional and physical health of children that are worn out from the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic by walking and experiencing local cultures with children from after-school study groups. For two weeks, 3,000 children from approximately 170 after-school study groups, nationwide and 300 CJ executives and employees, external experts, and influencers formed small groups, and walked/hiked nearby mountains, parks, historic sites, etc., abiding by the quarantine regulations. At the same time, a walking donation event through the CJ ONE app was held for the general public, and 3 billion steps by CJ ONE members were accrued. This was multiplied by 30, and the funds created were delivered to support participating after-school study groups as funds for activities, adding significance to sharing.

Employment Training Program

The Employment Training Program, since 2017, has been providing job training opportunities to youths from underprivileged groups. For the students that have successfully completed the training, we connect them to employment opportunities including CJ Group and others, to provide support for practical self-independence. This program offers training opportunities in cooking, bakery production, etc., for youths that haven’t had the opportunity to pursue their dreams and supports them in preparing for their dreams. In recognition of our efforts, we were awarded the CSV Porter Award for three consecutive years and were listed in the Hall of Fame. In 2022, we plan to expand the recipients of this program, including ‘adolescents terminated from protection of institutional care.’

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