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Social Contributions

Social Contribution Strategy

Since the establishment of the industry’s first dedicated social contribution department in 1999, CJ CheilJedang has consistently engaged in social contribution activities in areas that require social attention and in which we excel. We have continued our Food Bank project through which we have been sharing food for 23 years now, starting in 1998. In 2019, we focused on the core values of health, safety, and a sustainable environment, and carried out relevant social contribution activities. Furthermore, in 2020, the qualitative reorganization of the program has set the stage for launching core value and job- linked programs and growing into representative programs. By making this one of our major programs, we are preparing for a leap forward to achieve greater growth.

Core Areas of Social Contribution

Founding philosophy Contribute to the national economy + Ho-am's Management Principle Co-existence and Co-prosperity > Health and Safety, Sustainable Environment

Major Activity

Health and Safety

Qualitative transformation through programs that contribute to health

HOPE Food Pack Program

CJ CheilJedang carried out the HOPE Food Pack to prevent meal-skipping and promote a healthy dietary lifestyle for underprivileged children by providing food bundles, BYO, and health check- ups and healthy lifestyle programs. From May to November, we provided food bundles and BYO a total of 10 times. In addition, we also offered digestive health check-ups and health check-up meters to 100 children at six local community children. The centers were selected among those who applied for the program.

A Leading Food Company that Has Taken Up the Challenge of a Zero Waste and Zero Hunger Campaign Within the Industrial Value Chain

Wise Dietary Lifestyle Program

CJ CheilJedang, Good Will Store from Miral Welfare Foundation and UN WFP(World Food Program) host the Wise Dietary Lifestyle Campaign to overcome global food issues and resolve the environmental and famine issues under the UN SDGs. We raised awareness of best-before and use-by dates and provided diverse information to enhance the use of food through social media. In October 2020, we introduced a new concept, ‘EAT-able Food’, through an online cooking show. With a hashtag challenge event, we spread the concept and promoted awareness and practical use of food ingredients. In 2021, we will carry out a campaign to promote zero-waste practices and raise public awareness.

Sustainable Environment

Identification of best practices for plastic recycling

Collection and
upcycling* of Hetbahn
CJ CheilJedang recognized our responsibility for the increasing volume of Hetbahn container waste due to its increasing sales. To this end, we planned a differentiated collection ·upcycling program. In September 2020, we celebrated Recycling Day, during which we hosted a four-month-long waste collection campaign for our staffs and a volunteer program to produce and distribute high-quality upcycling products.

* Upcycling : The process of making the product higher quality or more valuable by using recyclables

Hetbahn Gardening - Extending the Recycling Life Cycle of Plastic Waste

We run the Hetbahn Gardening program which is a donation activity to the local children’s centers. With the discharged Hetbahn containers collected by staff members and wooden pallets, we upcycle them into indoor vertical gardens, and finally deliver them to the centers.

Creation of an Ecosystem with Local Communities

Local community startup support program(CJ O!Ventus)

CJ CheilJedang contributes to and supports the development of startup businesses and the vitalization of the industrial ecosystem through “CJ O!VentUs”. In 2020, with the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, we identified new startup businesses among the nationwide startup companies equipped with differentiated and innovative technology. Currently, there are twenty-two startups receiving support, six of which are making preparations to collaborate with CJ companies. In addition, we aim to increase follow-up investments, sales growth, and collaboration with large companies through step-by-step mentoring support for startups at each stage of their development. Through O!VentUs program, the company value of startup participants has increased by 143% on average. With the staggering achievement, we are making a significant contribution to the innovative startup ecosystem.

Benefits for the selected startups

Provision of Group infrastructure (Promotion·
                Marketing·Field-test Environment, etc.), Financial support to test technology·commercial viability, A mentor group consisting of CJ experts to carry out collaborative tasks

Names of the selected company/business

Name Business and technology
The Great Trading Company, Ltd. Shared kitchen intermediary platform
Deliverylab Co., Ltd. Food price comparison and logistics platform
Music Plat AI-based automatic BGM-matching service
Saige Research Co., Ltd. Smart factory machine vision solution
Sanghwa New media augmented content production
L Fin Location recognition service
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