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- My Turning Point for a Healthier Life

Are you seeing some changes to your body that you have never experienced before?
Do you feel like you need to take care of your body more lately?
If so, the important question is,
“Can you take better care of your body with your usual daily habits?”

Our bodies begin to change the moment we enter this world.
We change the most as we go through growth spurts during our teenage years,
but our bodies drastically change again by the time we turn 40 and 65.
These are “Turning Points” for our bodies,
and when we hit these Turning Points, we need to look after our health even more.
Returnup is here to help you find better balance for your body.


Returnup brings balance to your health as you reach your Turning Point.

Returnup offers customized care solutions for different age groups and for different benefits to bring better nutritional balance in your body, and it helps you have a much more energy-filled day.

The bold font and the modern-looking black logo embodies the energy and trust that Returnup aspires to deliver to its customers, while the circular motif that rounds out the overall design represents the concept of “biorhythm recovery,” which is achieved by enhancing circulation and balance, two of the most important factors for a healthy body.

리턴업 제품 사진

Returnup’s exclusive Daily Cap and Weekly Tap help you achieve better balance to your health with improved daily habits

Returnup provides designs that emphasize user convenience to help consumers overcome the effects of declining physical functions, as well as body changes, and practice more energetic lifestyles.

The Daily Cap at the top features a magnet that makes it detachable. The detached cap has a small portable case that allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Meanwhile, the Weekly Tap at the bottom has daily indicators that let you know the day of the week. You can cross off each day you have taken your Returnup to instill healthier habits.

리턴업 제품 사진
  • Weekly Tap

    View Detailson the Weekly Tap Weekly Tap Track your progress each day to build the right habits for your health.
  • Daily Cap

    View Detailson the Daily Cap Daily Cap If you go out or travel frequently, put the product inside the Daily Cap to make sure you take care of your health each day, wherever you go.


Vitamin product that improves general health in each stage of your life cycle
Returnup Multi Vitamin&Mineral


Enzyme food product from fermented grains for a more comfortable intestinal environment
Returnup Grain Enzyme
(This product is an “enzyme food product,” and is not a functional health supplement)

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리턴업 발효효소 제품 디스플레이


*The no. 1 health functional supplement for prostate health in Korea
Returnup Prostate Saw Palmetto
*Based on production quantity between 2009 and 2016 (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)


The perfect product to use when you are worried about aging/dryness/fatigue in your eyes
Returnup Eyeseean


Take one capsule every day to keep your blood circulation healthy
Returnup Norway Omega-3

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리턴업 아이시안 제품 디스플레이
리턴업 노르웨이 오메가-3 제품 디스플레이

Beauty & Diet

InnerB, the dietary supplement for skin moisture treatment

Beauty & Diet

Consistent seller in the functional health supplement market for weight-loss
*FatDown, the no. 1 functional health supplement for weight loss in Korea
*No. 1 in brand awareness for dietary supplements: Open Survey, 2017

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* The product image and the actual product design may differ for some products as they are currently undergoing a renewal process to achieve the most suitable look for their intended markets.